Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patients rights violation by State Human Rights Commission

Human Rights Organizations unaware of Patients charter of Rights?
What is the need for Publicizing a health check camp? Why reveal patient identity?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kiran Acharya: about me

Dr Kiran K V Acharya

Professor & Head, Orthopaedics Unit IV
Arthroscopy, Sports Injuries  & Arthroplasty Unit, 
Orthopaedics, Kasturba Medical College & Hospital, 
Manipal University

Star Sign: Scorpion
Address            : Office: Orthopaedics, KMCH Manipal 576104, Karnataka, India
                            Residence:Ravi Kiran, Katte Acharya Marg, Kunjibettu, Udupi 576 102
Phones              : 9343130539/ 9448130539
Mail                  : manipalortho@gmail.com
Academic Qualifications/ Higher Training:
1.    MBBS: Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, 576 104, Karnataka, India
2.    MS Orthopaedics: Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, 576 104, Karnataka, India
3.    Diploma in Trauma Management: MOH Israel, Rambam Medical Center, Israel
4.    BLS/ ACLS certification from IIEMS
5.    Fellow: AO International, Fellowship at Duke University, NC, USA
6.    Management Development Program for Medical Doctors: Manipal University
7.    Bio Skills Training: CAU, Kiel, Germany; SRMU, Chennai, India, Chula University, Bangkok; MSRALC,   Bangalore
8.   ACI, certified Autologous Cartilage Implantation Surgeon, RMS
Academic: Teacher for M.B.B.S., (15 years) MS (orthopaedics) B.E. (Biomedical Engineering), B.Sc., (Nursing), B. Physiotherapy, B. Occupational Therapy, B.Sc., MIT(12 years), PG students in Mass communication (2 years)Guide for postgraduate students in their thesis and related clinical research.Examiner for M. S (Orthopaedics), M.B.,B.S., Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, B.E (Biomedical Engineering), BSc (MIT)Teaching experience in KMC Manipal, Melaka Manipal Medical College, Malaysia, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Sikkim
Clinical: Arthroscopic Surgery, Trauma management, Sports injuries, Arthroplasty, Internal fixation of fractures according AO principles, Clinical photography.
Research: Multi ligament Injuries of the knee, Knee Biomechanics, Osteoarthrosis, Cartilage Injuries, Osteoporosis, Pain management, Fracture healing, Biomaterials, Stem cell therapy in Osteoarthrosis.
State/Regional conferences: 29; National conferences: 21; International conferences: 23 (in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Israel, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Morocco, Hong Kong, USA, Greece, Italy, Germany, Sweden, UAE, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Czech Republic; France)

Trauma courses: ACLS/ BLS/ MCS, Diploma in Trauma & MCS (MOH Israel); 

Arthroplasty:10; Workshops: 22; AO ASIF courses: 6 (Principles, Advance, LCP, Expert, Fellowship); Quiz master: 2

Research projects: 9            ; Papers presented: 62            
Chapters in books: 1             Textbook: in press           
Conferences organized: 6            Awards conferred: 5            Academic CD ROMs: 3

Papers published: 

1.     A new Method of Internal Fixation in High tibial Osteotomy, Kerala orthopaedic Association Journal vol 11, No 2, 136, 1997
2.     High Tibial Ostetomy for OA Knees. Journal of KOA 53 – 56 February 1998.
3.     Arthroscopy Assisted Mini Incision Elmslie-Trillat Procedure for Patellar Stabilisation, Indian Journal of Orthopaedics , Nov. 1998.
4.     The role of polymerase chain reaction in the management of osteoarticular tuberculosis, Vivek Pandey, Kiran Chawla, Kiran Acharya, Sripathi Rao and Sugandhi Rao; International Orthopaedics, November 2007.
5.     Monocular blindness due to central retinal artery occlusion in bipolar hemireplacement arthroplasty of the hip. Pandey V, Rao P S, Rao S K, Acharya K K V
       Singapore Med J 2008; 49(4) : pp96,97
6.     Arthroscopic Synovectomy, chapter in Perspectives in Arthroscopy, with an interactive CD ROM. Rao P S, Acharya K K V, Orthopaedic Knowledge Forum; 2008. pp 12-15
7.     Diagnostic Knee Arthroscopy, Rao P S, Acharya K K V; Textbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma, Edited by Kulkarni G S, 2008.
8.     Is arthroscopic synovial biopsy helpful in clearing the diagnostic dilemma for chonic knee synovitis? R. Kaushal*, P.S. Rao, K.K.V. Acharya & V. Pandey, Indian Journal of Medical Research, June 2008.
9.     The pelvic digit ‘‘eleventh finger”, Vivek Pandey, Ajay Singh Thakur, Kiran KV Acharya, P Sripathi Rao, Indian Journal of Orthopaedics 2008; 43 (1); pp 97,98
10.  Plain radiograph based screening tool for assessment of bone density, Acharya K K V, Prasad K; Osteoporosis International (2009) 20 (Suppl. 1).Pg S91
11.  A preliminary study of osteoporosis: prevalence in a tertiary care hospital in South India, Acharya K K V, Pandey V; Osteoporosis International (2009) 20 (Suppl. 1).Pg S92
12.  Burkholderia pseudomallei musculoskeletal infections (melioidosis) in India
Pandey Vivek, Rao Sripathi P, Rao Sugandhi, Acharya Kiran K.V, Chhabra Sarabjeet, Indian Journal of Orthopaedics 2010 44(2): 216-220
13.  Ring meniscus mistaken for incomplete discoid meniscus: a case report and review of literature, Vivek Pandey, K. V. N. Dinesh, Kiran K. V. Acharya, P. Sripathi Rao; Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, Volume 18, Number 4 / April, 2010
14.  Retrospective study on the statistical association between Osteoporosis and Body Mass Index (BMI) in women, Acharya K K V, Bucktowarsing B; Osteoporosis International (2010) 21 (Suppl. 1).Pg S67
15.  A double-blind, randomized, multicentric, placebo-controlled clinical trial of antarth, a phytomedicine, in the treatment of osteoarthritis, Anil K Gupta, Acharya K K V, Parag S Sancheti, Ramchandra S Joshi; Indian Journal of Pharmacology, Vol 43, No1, 2011:69-72.
16.  Knee dislocation with multi-ligament injury: evaluation, treatment and results. Acharya K K V, Pandey V, Rao P S; Journal of Musculoskeletal Research, Vol. 13, No. 3, 2011:1- 8.
17.  Significance of periodic screening to detect deterioration of bone health: a descriptive study from a tertiary care hospital in India. Acharya K K V, Vishal Gupta; Osteoporosis International (2011) 22 (Suppl. 1).Pg S282.
18.  Set up of osteoporosis clinic in a tertiary care hospital: a descriptive report of three years of activity. Acharya K K V, Pandey V, Rao P S; Osteoporosis International (2011) 22 (Suppl. 1).Pg S 340.
19.  An intraarticular fibroma of the tendon sheath in the knee joint. Raghuraj Kundangar, Vivek Pandey, Kiran K V Acharya, P Sripathi Rao, Lakshmi Rao. Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy 02/2011
20.  Femoral tunnel – interference screw divergence in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using bone – patellar tendon – bone graft: a comparison of two techniques. Pandey V, Acharya K K V, Rao Sharath, Rao P S; Indian Journal of Orthopaedics 2011; 45:255-60.
21.  Meniscal Abnormalities: Discoid Meniscus. Vivek Pandey, Simon Nurettin van Laarhoven, Kiran K. V. Acharya, Sharath K. Rao, and Sripathi Rao; Journal of Musculoskeletal Research, March 2012, Vol. 15, No. 01
22.  Prospective randomized control study of use of arthroscopic debridement with or without visco supplementation in knee osteoarthritis: Kiran K V Acharya, Vivek Pandey, P Sripathi Rao, Osteoporosis International (2012) 23 (Suppl. 2).Pg S 213.
23.  Nonfatal air embolism during shoulder arthroscopy: A case report and review of literature. Vivek Pandey, Elsa Varghese, Nataraj MS, Madhu Rao, Neethu MM, Kiran KV Acharya, P Sripathi Rao. Accepted for publication in American journal of Orthopaedics. (April 2012)
24.  Arthroscopic tibial spine avulsion fixation: A simple technique". Vivek Pandey, Kiran K V Acharya, Sharath Rao, Sripathi rao. Techniques in Orthopaedics (accepted for publication in October 2012)
25.  The Effect of Tranexamic Acid on Hemoglobin Levels During Total Knee Arthroplasty. Pachauri, Amit, Acharya Kiran K, Tiwari Akhilesh Kumar. American Journal of Therapeutics, Jan 2013

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