Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Suffer from Flu: Lose your dignity & Rights

In a shocking development, the identity of the Patients suffering from H1N1 were disclosed to the media. This is a GROSS violation of medical ethics, patients charter of rights as per NABH. Even the suspects names and addresses were revealed in a press conference. The unscrupulous mediamen even entered hospitals to photograph and videograph hapless patients in hospitals, using this opportunity to record some "file shots/bytes" which can be sold later!
It is high time the patients became aware of their rights and fight these issues legally.
(photo/ report: Mangalorean)

Added on 14.08.2009: Sadly the disclosure of information has been made by a doctor (not the treating doctor). If that doctor does not apologize, a formal complaint to the medical council of India is being prepared.

Update: 14.08.2009, 11:32 hrs: Official from Udupi District H1N1 team has responded! Read the response... "According to the guidelines of D.C. in press meet held on 10-08-09 ,D.H.O. has given press statement .I was only mailing their reports. Anyhow we have stopped giving the details to the press from 13-08-09 only. We ensure that we will keep the secrecy of patients details to the media".


Ruby said...

with u on this - count me in for all the support and let me know how i can be of help

Ruby said...

i want to know - if the same reporters contract the virus - will they publish thier names too???? why cant they be removed from such positions that give them the (wrong)authority to publish??? that should teach others in the same field a lesson too - i mean these reporters are suppose the be the voice of the public and not a menace to society - they are posing as more malignant a virus than the H1N1 themselves. atleast the H1N1 has treatment available!!!

Dr Kiran K V Acharya said...

Dear Ruby
I have done my investigation and found out the culprit...have mailed this letter yesterday...if no response, we will go in for mass mailing of our petition!
It is unacceptable by medical fraternity to release of
name and addresses of confirmed and suspected cases on daily basis to the media.
This is a gross violation of
- Patients rights
- Code of medical ethics
- Guidelines on patiets charter of rights under NABH
- Hippocrates oath
It is sad to see that all mails pertaining to this have originated
from your mail address. If you do not stop publishing the identity of
the H1N1 patients/suspects to the media, we would be forced to take
further action on this regard, including legal action.
I have already initiated a awareness campaign regarding this in Facebook and in

I would be happy, if you could reply to this mail.

Ruby said...

sounds good...