Monday, November 9, 2009

Illegal photo/videography, Tresspassing: journalist attacked!

Journalists, who do not follow any code of ethics, barged into the courtroom in Bangalore high court. As usual while indulging in an alleged unauthorized videography through mobile phone, he was attacked by enraged lawyers...
 (CNN IBN is known to show mobile videos on its prime news...when former CM Kumaraswamy was undergoing treatment at Jayadeva, they had beamed the mobile video images of the former CM at the entrance of an operation theater)

Paradox: When jounrlists tresspassed into an emergency ward at Kasturba Hospital, Manipal and photographed hapless patients, the doctor on duty had objected. The incident was blown out of proportion by the media as "attack on freedom of the press"...and the clever lawyers of Udupi bailed out the journalists from the case...Now, we have a situation, wherein the lawyers are upset over an alleged videography in the court hall...they could have filed a case of tresspassing/unauthorized videography...since they have so much faith in their own system, they have resorted to "direct punishment"!
Win Win situation: for journalist...if he gets the video grab it is a breaking news, if he gets beaten in the process, it is a breaking news anyway!
Whether this reporter was following ethics?

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Suddendeath said...

Indeed, its funny how lawyers resort to 'extra-judicial justice' everytime they are wronged. Of course, one cannot expect any sort ofethics from majority of the Indian journalists.
Gone are the days when only the highest echelons of society took up law as a career and people with a purpose to their life took up journalism. Now, only those who are not good enough for any of the other professions take up these courses, its the case all over India now. Law colleges especially are populated by aging men hoping for a last shot at politics.