Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ban entry of Media/ Politicians into hospitals during mass casualty management!

Fire at Bangalore's Carlton Towers: Bangalore, Feb 23: A massive fire has hit the third floor of the Carlton Towers in Bangalore, killing three and trapping many office goers around the peak office hours this evening. At least five people may have died in the Carlton Towers since they jumped out from the fifth and sixth floors of their office building in Bangalore on Tuesday. Survivors were treated at Manipal Hospital
Mediamen barge into the hospital: minutes after the first patient was wheeled into the Manipal Hospital, harassment by mediamen started...they barged into no entry/ no photography zones of the hospital, started photographing/ videographing hapless victims, who were still under shock...They even tresspassed into sterile areas like Emergency ward/ ICU and even wards!  

When some relatives/ patients requested them not to take photo, they did not bother...all that mattered for the mediamen was a crying face/ breaking news!

Useless Exercise by VIP`s:  like visiting the victims  in the hospital (in what way it helps?), which will not only hamper the medical management but also burdens the doctors & hospital staff (who should be treating the patients!). It also burdens the local administration and the police – who otherwise should be involved in relief measures/ investigations
What is the use of parading in the Hospitals, with mediamen? Will this "show" help in any way to any individual? The police personnel, who otherwise have other serious issues to tackle, will end up "escorting" these politicians! Rather than these publicity stunts, VIP`s should be busy in tactical planning! They should also order investigations by town planners/ fire personnel, to prevent future calamities...
NABH guidelines to Hospitals: NABH certified hospitals should have a disaster/ mass casualty protocol. According to the protocol, media management, information to relatives through media is essential. However mass casualty situation does not give any rights to mediamen, to barge into private/ secure/ sterile areas of the hospital. In fact this kind of unrestricted entry into hospital by those posing as mediamen can cause a serious security issue, apart from causing breach of infection control policy of the hospital.

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ಉಉನಾಶೆ said...

Makes sense. But I have no hopes on these journalists. There is a slight (:( ) chance that new generation of politicians might avoid visiting hospitals with media.
What was the basis for judge to acquitt them from "trespassing"?
Regards, UNShetty