Saturday, November 12, 2011

Death in hospital brings in money for “negotiators”

This is a disturbing trend in DK & Udupi districts. Birth of a new profession: Patient death- hospital bill negotiator!

When a critically ill patient dies after best possible treatment by the hospital, a team of self proclaimed "social activists" are alerted by some hospital employees/ patients relatives (obviously for a tip). 

Then mediamen are "invited" to the hospital. In the media presence "negotiators" make a grand entry, take up the charge of "reducing" the hospital charges for a fee from the patients relatives.

Hospital administrators are then threatened to waive the bill (again the negotiators make money here!)...if hospital authorities remain firm with their decision, they face vandalism at the hospital,  negative publicity over media! The booty is shared by the “informants”, “mediamen” and “negotiators”…

This trend would result in hospitals insisting on deposit money upon arrival of the patient...precious lives may be lost in the waiting period. If such incidents continue, some of the hospitals may refuse to admit the patient in serious cases fearing chaos.

Please do not make the healthcare personnel insensitive by repeated publication of such news, which indirectly is an advertisement for "negotiators".

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